Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What a day

What an eventful day this has been. I'm glad that it is almost over and hopefully tomorrow won't be so busy. Like I said in my earlier post, I got my new car today. It's awesome, btw. But let's start from the beginning.

My list of things to do today was 1)take the kids to school, 2)go to the bank and get the check for the car 3)go pick up my car. Sounds simple enough.

It didn't end up that way. First, I did get the kids to school, came back home and started in on things I needed to do around here. then hubby called and said that he wasn't going to make it home in time to go pick up my car and I needed to find another ride over to the dealership. Hmm, ok, I'll call my mom. She's always home and would gladly give me a ride to pickup my car. I call, but unfortunately my brother has already hit her up to babysit my nephew. Darn. No ride from her. I call my sister-inlaw, but she was called into work today. Strike 2. then hubby calls back and says that his mom would take me over, no problem. Great. That's taken care of. I call the bank and let the loan officer know that I'll be in around 1:30 to sign the papers and pick up the check. I get his voicemail and leave a message only to have him call me back later asking if I could come in an hour earlier instead. No problem. So, I finish things up here and get ready to head into town when the phone rings. It's my son's school, he's sick, can I come pick him up? So, another snag in the day. I go pick him up, calling the bank on the way to let them know that I'm going to be a little bit late. No problem. Pick up my son, take him back by my mom's so she can watch him while I get all my running done then back into town to the bank. When I walk in, the receptionist tells me that now the loan officer has a customer in his office and it's going to be a good twenty minute wait. Great again. I patiently wait and finally get in to see him. Afterwards, I call my mother in law to meet her and drive over to the dealership where I sign all the papers and then officially drive my new car home. Get back to my mom's, pick up my son, and come home. My son immediately comes inside and goes to bed. He's got a fever of 101 and a headache. I really hope it isn't the beginning of the flu. he's been in his room all afternoon and evening. We'll see how he feels when he gets up in the morning, I guess.

So, after several delays and unforeseen events, my day is pretty well done. Tomorrow will be a new day and hopefully a more relaxing one.

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