Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Teeth Whitening

After many years of drinking coffee, tea and sodas, my teeth aren't the whitest that I'd like them to be so I've been debating on having one of the Dentists in my area do one of the whitening procedures they do now, like the in-office whitening procedure. With that procedure, the dentist puts a bleach gel on your teeth then shines a bright light on your teeth. This causes a chemical reaction to occur allowing the gel to penetrate the teeth and get rid of the stains.

Some Dentists also offer at-home whitening too. With this procedure, the dentist fits your teeth with a tray and sends you home with a milder bleach solution which you use over a period of weeks or months. This procedure does take longer though and has less noticeable results.

I'll be checking into the different options out there to find what will work best for me.

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