Friday, March 9, 2007

NS...Day 2

Alright, day one is behind me and it actually wasn't too bad for the beginning of a diet. I wasn't hungry except for one time and that was just because I waited too long between meals. Once I ate, I was stuffed and fine the rest of the evening. Today has started out great. I've gotten in two glasses of my water, ate my NS breakfast and walked on the treadmill. Here's my menu so far. I'll update later on:

NS scrambled eggs w/ veggie sausage crumbles (yummy!)
1 egg (protein, I added it to my ns entree to give more bulk to them)
2 spiced apple rings (fruit serving)
5 small melba crackers (my carb serving)

1 container vanilla fat-free yogurt

NS mashed potatoes w/broccoli (had this last time and still just as yummy)
bumblebee tuna fillet, teriyaki flavor (protein serving)
2 spiced apple rings (fruit)

The rest of the evening was a total bomb. We ended up going out and although I didn't eat like I usually would, I did end up having 3 pieces of supreme pizza then stopped for a mocha cappuccino afterwards. I'll weigh in the morning to see how much damage I did. Hopefully not a lot.

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