Monday, March 5, 2007

Starting Over.....Again!

Ok, I've been debating this for several weeks now, but finally took the plunge over the weekend. I placed another order for Nutrisystem and as soon as I get my food, which should be some time this week, I'll be restarting the program.

If you don't know my story, two years ago I started the NS program and lost 43 lbs. within six months, but then the holidays came along and somewhere along the line I lost all my motivation and went right back to my prior bad eating habits. I eventually stopped using NS and promptly put those pounds back on.

I've tried losing weight on my own, but just haven't gotten it right so I'm hoping that by restarting NS that will be the extra motivation that I need to get back on track. I think just knowing that I'm paying my hard earned cash for their food will help, but they also have an awesome bulletin board that lends some excellent support when needed. My hubby is also eating healthier so hoping that helps me defy the temptations of junk food too. As far as getting back on the exercise bandwagon, that might be a little bit harder to do. I went to the mall this weekend and wasn't even able to walk around the whole thing. I only made it halfway before my legs were burning and I was gasping for air. So, I'm NOT in the best shape. Not to say that I won't be exercising, it just might not be as full speed to begin with as I'd like. I will just start out small and work my way up. Seeing progress will be a good motivator, I'm sure.

So, wish me luck in my new, no my renewed, endeavour! I'll be listening for your cheers:)

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