Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Chargin' On

Over this past weekend, I found my new car. If you don't remember, we were looking for something for my daughter but after several test drives of junk, hubby and I finally decided to just give her my car and get me a new one. Anyway, over the weekend we test drove a Dodge Charger. After just a couple of miles, I was hooked! Hubby even liked it and that is a big thing because ever since we've been married, he has despised every single one of the cars that I've owned. They're either too small, not enough power, wrong color, etc.

Anyway, after the test drive we played it cool, took the car back and got some numbers from the salesman. We told him we'd think about it and left. All evening, we discussed how much we were willing to give for the car and was it something that we really wanted. It sure was! I have driven a "mommy car" ever since my kids arrived on the scene and I'm ready to get back to my fun, sporty cars that I love so much. So, Monday morning I called the dealership and talked them down almost $1000 from what they'd originally quoted, called the bank to get my loan in process and now am going in today to pick up my new car! I'm psyched! As if you couldn't already tell:)

The pictures I have posted are pretty close to what my car will look like. It's a 2007 R/T and the color is TorRed, a very shiny, bright red that looks awesome! I've already told my daughter that she probably won't be driving my new wheels and also told hubby that the only time he'll be driving is when we're all together. I know what he'll do by himself (hot rod!) and he doesn't need to be doing that. We'll see how long this lasts, but as of now I'm holding my ground. I also had to explain to my son why it was OK for mom to drive such a cool car. At first he wasn't too thrilled by the idea of his mom in a sporty car. He argued up and down that I should stick with a mini van or family sedan. Even when I told him that I used to drive a Mustang before he came along, he just wasn't seeing me in a car like that. Thankfully after much discussion, he caved in. plus the idea of his possibly learning to drive in it when he gets older helped a little bit too.
So, I'm back to a sporty car (even if it is a four-door, it still seems like a sporty car!) and I am going to be lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it. Now to go pick it up. If you don't hear from me for awhile, it's because I'm out driving my new toy!

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