Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dad's birthday

The month of March is full of birthdays in my family. My mom, my niece, my nephew and my dad's birthdays all fall within the first two weeks of the month. I've taken care of gifts for everybody on my list except for my dad. He is very hard to buy gifts for because he has pretty much everything he'd ever want to have. I've been searching though and think that I finally found the perfect gift for him. He doesn't do it often, but every once in awhile he'll get to invite his guy friends over for a game of cards. So, I thought why not get him something poker related and then it clicked. How about some personalized poker chips? offers all kinds of poker products from the nation's top manufacturers at discount prices. I think this will be the perfect gift for my dad. Who knows, maybe with these cool poker chips, his guy friends will want to come play cards with him more often.

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