Thursday, March 8, 2007

Nutrisystem....Day 1

Even though today has been pretty hectic (had to take my son to the dr. Fever of 102. Diagnosed with tonsillitis), I started following the NS program. So far, so good although I've not gotten much water in. I was afraid to drink too much while out running around for fear of not making it to a bathroom in time:)

Anyway, this is my menu so far for today:

NS strawberry toaster pastry (this is a new product and although it isn't bad it's not the greatest. Very dry and not sweet enough)
1 hard boiled egg (my protein serving)
1 piece of toast w/ spray of ICBINB (my carb serving since I have more then 100 lbs. to lose)
1/2 cup of grapefruit juice (my fruit serving)

NS cheese tortellini (very good. I don't remember them having this when I was on before, but the menu said it isn't new. Maybe I just missed it)
1/2 cup ff cottage cheese (my dairy serving)
salad w/ mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, ff cheese (my snack dairy serving) topped with ff ranch dressing
2 spiced cinnamon apple rings (my fruit serving since I have more then 100 lbs. to lose)

Afternoon Snack-
2 spiced cinnamon apple rings (I should also have a protein/dairy serving now, but used it at lunch)

That's it for now. I've not thought much about what I'll be having for dinner yet, but that's the nice thing about the NS program. I dont' have to worry about what to have. It's already made for me, all I have to do is heat it up, add some veggies and salad and there ya go. Voila! Now, I DO already know what I'm choosing for my daily dessert and that is the new NS chocolate chunk almond cookie! The picture of it looks just yummy and from the feel of the package it is a fairly good size cookie at that. I'll let you know more once I have it, but I'm really hoping it is as good as I'm hoping.

NS meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes (another new item, very good although could have been bigger)
1/2 cup green beans (my veggie serving)
2 spiced apple rings (my fruit or salad serving)
5 green olives (my fat serving)
1/3 cup butter beans (my carb serving since I need to lose more then 100 lbs.)

NS white chocolate chunk cookie (I was right, it was delish! Again, could have been bigger, but that's the whole point of NS, isn't it? Portion control!)

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