Monday, March 26, 2007

I did it

Well, I went to the Curves gym this morning and I did it. I actually joined. It really reminded me of the gym that I used to go to five years ago. It was called Club Fit for Women and it did the "30 minutes deal" too. It was fun and I really did lose weight and inches when I went, but it got way to expensive after awhile plus it was an hour drive from my house whereas Curves is just fifteen minutes from home.

I liked the environment of this gym and it was really quiet. Only one other woman was there the entire time that I was. All of the machines were easy to understand. They were hard to do, but that will get easier the more that I go. I had to sign a one year commitment contract, but the price was reasonable ($34/mo) and I only have to go three days a week. I can do that! Hubby is being very supportive on this too. He knows that I need something because I just can't get into working out here at home. If I'm having to pay for something though, it will kick me into actually going. I'm not one to waste money at all.
I did have to give them three friends names so that I could get my free gift:) Sorry Linda, Connie and Julie. It is just something that they do and it's not that you have to come in or anything. They'll just call you and see if you'd be interested in it.


Susan said...

Lisa, great job on going to Curves! The first time is always the hardest - not so much because of the physical activity, but the anxiety of trying something new (at least, it is for me!).

You asked if you can link to my blog, and I'm totally flattered! I haven't figured out how to reciprocate yet but I'm working up to that. Thanks. :)

- Susan

Lisa said...

thanks for the comment:) and also for letting me add your webpage to mine. Like I said earlier, you are such an inspiration to me and I just want to pass that along to others out there:)