Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Decorate for Less

I have been searching for the perfect oil painting reproduction to hang in my family room. Today I came across the website during my search. has beautiful pieces of art for sale along with glass vases, clocks, statues, iron art and pottery. They have been in business online for about a year and want to help you, the customer, decorate in a way that fits your style and budget. Whether it be the "perfect" painting for your family room (like what I was looking for) or affordable artwork for your office, is there to help.

I really recommend that you go check out their website. You'll pay less for the artwork itself and they offer FREE shipping!


Our cat snores sometimes, but not nearly as loud as this little dog in the video. Had to put this clip on my blog. It is just too cute!

Short Story

In his new book, Hunger and Other Stories by Ian Randall Wilson, you will find several spell binding stories. One story, in particular, that I found interesting was called The Wire Man. This story is about a son who can't stand his father, a self-made entrepreneur. The son, divorced from his wife and separated from his son, decides to strike out and go into business on his own. He ends up getting deeper and deeper into debt, all the time hearing his father's taunting words of his failure in the background. He soon realizes that he is starting to act just like his father, causing his own son to look at him through different eyes as well.

Ian Randall Wilson is a very talented writer and has a unique way of colorfully approaching the human dilema. I highly recommend this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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Wednesday Woes

Last night our furnace started messing up. It would try to kick on then shut off, kick on then shut off. It did that a good ten times before finally kicking on enough to heat the house. It did this all night long, every 20 minutes or so. I called the repair guy this morning and thankfully he was able to come out this afternoon. He looked the furnace over and all it needed was a coil or something cleaned. it had carbon buildup on it and wasn't reading the temperature of the flame or something like that. Anyway, it's working fine now. Just glad it didn't decide to mess up when it was super cold outside. Today it is in the 40's so I've not had to worry about bundling up to keep from freezing.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


You've probably seen the commercials on tv, like the one where the blonde woman is wanting to go into the ocean and play with the "dolphins" (they're really sharks). She then gets hit in the head with a box from Vonage and the announcer says One smart decision among many many stupid ones.

If you're wondering what Vonage is all about, there is an excellent website that will answer pretty much any question you might have about them. Just click HERE to visit. The Vonage VoIP forums have categories that discuss the technical aspects of Vonage as well as the pros and cons of using their service. You can visit these forums as well as sign up for their newsletter.

40th Anniversary Pictures

I FINALLY got the anniversay pictures back that I took during my parents open house. Thought you might like to check them out.

Friends of the family

the table runner that was on all the tables

the serving table

more guests

the picture collage of my parents throughout their years of marriage

The happy couple

more guests

more guests

the cardinals we set in with the greenery to give more color to the decor

floating candle centerpiece that was on each table

the anniversary cake

Let's Save Some Money!

I love to shop online and anytime I do, I try to find the best deal out there. Sometimes that means finding the website that offers the cheapest product, but my favorite way to save money online is by using coupon codes. This way I can shop at my favorite online store, Brylane Home, and save money even if the price is a bit higher then other websites. is my favorite place to find coupon codes. And right now, Brylane Home has several deals listed, such as 20% off your favorite item! Just in time for me since I'm redecorating my master bedroom and am in need of several new items. I'm sure I'll be able to find my "favorite"!

Monday, February 26, 2007

What a Whopper!

While out fishing this past weekend, this humongous fish jumped out of the pond and into my son's fishing net. You should have seen the one that got away!

And if you believe that fish tale then I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you:) Actually, this is a pillow. It was one of several things that he received for his birthday over the weekend. WHY on EARTH anyone would want a fish pillow is beyond me, but he seems to be enjoying it and it is kind of comfy.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm having withdrawal symptoms!

My email program has been down all afternoon and it is really starting to cause me grief. Email is my lifeline to the outside world and my friends. I don't know what the deal with it is either. I've called our service provider and the tech guy said to give it a bit then try again, there wasn't anything wrong on their end. So I did that, but still nothing. Argh! It's amazing how much we rely on technology now and how quickly we go insane when it's not available.

Mint Credit Cards

If you live in the UK and are looking for a credit card, the Mint Credit Card could be just what you are looking for. Mint offers credit cards with 0% on purchases and balance transfers until December 1, 2007, 0% bonus offer until August 1, 2008, on balance transfers done in February 2008, typical 16.9% APR, up to £7500 credit limit and several other fantastic options.

MINT introduced the Mint credit card in 2003. The card was offered as two versions, a standard credit card and the MC2 card which has the bottom right-hand corner removed. This was the first change to the shape of credit cards in the UK for 37 years.

Mint also offers gift cards, which were first launched in September 2006. It is basically a pre-paid credit card that you can give as a gift. Giving this card as a gift gives the recipient the option of shopping in whatever store he or she chooses rather then being tied down to just one particular store. Gift cards can be given in amounts ranging from £10 to £250, can be personalized with a special message and the recipient can keep track of the balance by signing up for text message alerts.

If you are interested in learning more, visit the MINT website today.

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Son's Birthday

Tomorrow is my son's birthday. He'll be twelve years old. My baby is no longer a baby:( But then he hasn't been for awhile. This boy, well, young man is already taller then me and has been for at least two years now. No longer a baby in appearance, but he will always be my baby at heart.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

International Phone Calls

Do you like to talk on the phone or possibly have a teen who likes to chat the night away? Have you recently moved to a new state or country and would still like to stay in contact with your friends and family? If you have and hate the high long distance and international calling rates, I have the website for you. Pingo looks to be a great company to buy your calling cards from. The best part is that just for signing up with them they will give you 4 free hours of international calls. Talk about awesome. Or join Pingo's affiliate program and receive $15 for each new customer that is referred. On average, mobile phone users will save 90% or more on their international calls.Guatemala calling cards online are currently going for 11.5 cents per minute. Sounds like a great rate to me. Why not check them out for yourself.

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Is Your Boss Psycho?

Your Boss Isn't Psycho, but Your Boss Stinks

Your boss is probably not mental. Still, your boss is not competent or professional.
You may want to transfer departments or get a new job, before your boss sucks out your soul.

I just have to laugh at this one because my "boss" is my husband and I've told him pretty much the same thing as this blog thing has said for the last couple of years. It's not that he is a bad boss, he just has a bad temper and doesn't think before speaking so that gets pretty old, pretty fast. Ok, maybe he is a bit psycho:)


I love to watch the new payperpost reality tv show, Rockstartup. Rockstartup is just another awesome addition to the payperpost family where you get to see behind the scenes at the payperpost headquarters and actually feel like you are there with them. You will get to know the “staff” and cheer on Ted as he tries to make payperpost the best that it can be. If you don't know by now, Ted is the guy behind Payperpost. He started it all.

My favorite episode by far this “season” has been the episode where Britt and Veronique head to Vegas for a convention and decide to have a postie patrol wedding while there! Some of the scenes from this video are just too funny! I loved the part when the bride and groom are trying on tuxes and dresses. The poor guy just looked so bored.

I would have liked to see the actual wedding in this video, but I know that they have to save something for another episode. I think it would be cool if Payperpost were to get some video footage of their actual posties too so that we could get to know some of the other people who write about these awesome payperpost gigs.

Truthfully though I'm just happy that Payperpost exists. It has given me a fantastic opportunity to add some moolah to my pretty empty checking account. Thanks Payperpost!

Fun Website

Have you ever been told that you look exactly like a certain celebrity? Ever wondered if you could pass as being related to one? I was surfing the internet the other day and came across a website called It's really cool in that you can download a picture of yourself and the computer will then "match" you with celebrities who have similar facial features as you do. I downloaded my pic and ended up being told that I shared facial features with several celebrities. My best match was with Goran Visnjic (Dr. Kovack from ER). I had a 71% match with him. Other celebrities were Jodi Sweeten (Stephanie from Full House) with 62%, Patrick Swayze with 49% and Nicole Richie also with 49%. I, personally, don't see a resemblance with any of these celebrities, but it was still fun to try it out.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Vacation Homes

Have you ever went on vacation and thought that, even though the hotel you are staying in was nice, it would have been so much better to stay in an actual home? Well, now you can!. There are several vacation rentals by owner out there. Why not check out They have several listings on their website of homes all over the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. Or do you have a vacation home that you would like to rent out? They also let you list your home for rent on their website.

We are planning a vacation to Corpus Christi, TX this summer and I've already checked to see if there are any homes available and sure enough there are. Several, in fact, and all within our price range. If you're planning a vacation, why not check out vacation rentals by owner to see if there is anything that you might be interested in.

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It's cookie time!

My brother delivered my girl scout cookies yesterday. Yummy! I'd actually forgotten that I ordered them so it was a nice surprise to have them show up. I'm trying to behave and not sit down and eat an entire package, but it really is hard not to devour them all in one sitting. What is the girl scout motto? Courage, Confidence. Character. Well, I think they need to add Cookies to that list:)

Monday, February 19, 2007


We are having a swimming pool installed this spring. In order to really enjoy it, I am going to need to pick up some new sunglasses. This way the sun reflecting off the water won't give me a migraine. I know that I can get some really nice RayBans at is the best place to buy RayBan sunglasses, the world's leading sunglass brand. carry the largest selection of RayBan's at the best possible prices. And they have an easy return policy too. Right now you can also get an extra 5% off their already low prices by using this discount checkout.

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I took the plunge

After several years of debating and saving our money, I finally went and ordered our swimming pool today. I'm excited! We've been thinking about getting a pool for several years now, but something always came up and we'd either have to spend the money that we'd saved for it on something else or we waited too long and didn't get on the installation list in time. That's what happened last year. We were going to get the pool then, but waited too long to order it and by that time it was going to be the end of summer before they would have gotten it here. So we just waited...and this year we're finally going to have one. WooHoo!

It is going to be an above ground pool and by the looks of the outside wall design and the liner we picked out today, it's going to really fit in with our landscaping. We are also going to build a deck around it so that it'll look nice that way too. I can't wait. I wish it was spring now! They are supposed to have it installed by Memorial Day so that is something really fun to look forward to. Yay!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I like all types of music. In my CD collection, you will find rock, pop, country, alternative, even Metalcore Artists. I have recently discovered a website dedicated to the music of unsigned artists. It is called On this website you will find artists of any type of musical genre you can think of. Unsigned is "dedicated to providing individual artists from solo, trio to bands, the best possible outlet to be heard globally on the Internet." allows listeners to build and manage a play list of their favorite artists. It gives artists the chance to be discovered! Visit today to check them out. You will be glad that you did.

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More Snow

Is winter never going to end here? We were just getting rid of the ice build-up on the roads and now today we are getting another 4" of snow on top of that along with high winds. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck! I am actually dreaming of spring weather, listening to the birds chirping, seeing the new green grass, buds on the trees and flower blooming. I know it will get here eventually, but I'm impatient and want it here NOW! Oh well, my kids are enjoying the weather. They are outside now, as I type, riding the 4-wheeler and pulling the taboggan behind it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Cell Phone

I'm searching for a new cell phone. Right now I have a plan with Sprint, but am seriously thinking of switching carriers because I don't have the best reception from Sprint out here in the country. There are several carriers out there that I've been looking at but Cingular has caught my eye.

I really like the looks of the Motorola RAZR V3. It is the thinnest flip phone around and is packed full of the latest technology. Bluetooth, video, digital camera, it has it all. Plus, the quad-band GSM lets you use it all over the world on compatible networks. That's what I'm looking for!

I think the best place to buy a new phone will be at Wirefly. They have several different phones and carriers to choose from at very low prices.

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Big Money!

Payperpost has been going through some growing pains lately, but they are implementing several changes that will result in more money for a lot of their posties. One such change is their segmentation of available opportunities. This just means that if you have a blog with a higher page rank and more traffic or that contains posts in specific categories (such as computers, automotive, or gossip) then you will be eligible for higher paying opportunities. I actually saw an opportunity listed today that said it will pay out $1000 for a post! Wow! That's a big chunk of change just for writing a blog entry.

Many people also think that those of us who get paid to blog should let our readers know that on our website and so does Payperpost. All payperpost bloggers are required to disclose that they are being paid for what they are writing.

They are also offering several new ways for us posties to make more money and drive more traffic to our websites. One of these is their Review My Post buttons, which can now be placed at the end of each of our posts. They also have a new referral button that can be placed on your website too. These are just a few of the new changes that are taking place at Payperpost. Anything that helps me make more money is good in my book.

Back to School

My kids went back to school today. It was a slow drive into town, but we made it. The roads are all pretty much cleared, but there is still a layer of ice in several areas. Thankfully we didn't slide off the road, but I did see two vehicles that did. My daughter wanted to drive today, but I said no. She needs to practice in driving in this junk, but I am not good at driving in it without stressing out so really doubt I'd have been a good passenger either. She'll get her practice in, just not with me:)

Today it is supposed to be super cold. High of 16 degrees, but a windchill of -10! Brr! It's hard to believe that normal highs this time of year for our area are in the low 40's. Boy, what I wouldn't give for those temperatures right now.

Talked to my dad last night and I guess he fell yesterday while leaving work. He slipped on the sidewalk and landed flat on his back, hitting his head on the sidewalk. Thankfully he didn't hurt anything but his pride. He said his first thoughts were "who saw me do that?" Ha! What a goofball. I'm just glad he didn't hurt himself. He's done that too much in my lifetime and I don't care for it to happen anymore.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


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Let's Make More Money

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I am a payperpost affiliate. I write sponsored posts and get paid for them. I totally love payperpost and the money it makes me.

After reading one of the many blogs that I frequent, I came across another company similar to payperpost called blogvertise. They are pretty much the same as payperpost, same concept, just a different company.

If you are already a payperpost postie, I'd strongly recommend checking out blogvertise so you can make even more money.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all have a special day with your loved ones.

I'm planning on making a nice dinner for my hubby since the weather will probably keep us from going out tonight. His favorite meal is meatloaf, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans so figure that's what we'll be having. I'm going to make a yummy angel food cake with strawberry's to go with for dessert. It should be good.

As far as gifts, I did get him a chocolate gift basket and a card. He said he ordered flowers to be delivered to me as my gift, but I don't know if I'll see them today or not. I totally understand if they don't make it today though. I wouldn't want to be outside in this weather.

Ford Mustang

As you all know, we are looking for a car for my daughter, who will be turning 16 in just a couple of months. She has been looking through magazines and checking out commercials, but still hasn't come up with her ideal car yet. She has, however, made a list of several different cars that she wouldn't mind test driving at some point. One, in particular, caught my eye when I was reading over her list...A 2003 Mustang.

This particular car caught my eye because of the fact that the Mustang was the first car I ever owned. Granted, my first Mustang was a 1974, not a 2003, but I loved that car with all my heart. I helped my dad fix it up and truly made it my own. Unfortunately, I wrecked that one only after about a year of driving it (hit a deer) and totalled it. That didn't stop my love of the Mustang though. As soon as I graduated high school and started working at a full-time job, I saved up enough money to go out and buy a brand new Mustang. This one was a 1988 GT, cherry red and loaded. I loved it and drove the wheels off it every weekend. I even shut up a few of my male friends when I'd beat them in a race. Who says girls can't drive?

My Mustang days didn't end with that car either. My future husband also drove a 1974 Mustang when we first met and then after we were married, we bought another 1988 Mustang GT, this one black with red pin striping. Of course, after the kids came along, we had to give up our little car and go to a bigger 4-door sedan. Those car seats just didn't fit too well in the back of the Mustang. But, now that the kids are older, who knows. We might just have to go out and buy another Mustang of our own. And you can bet money, if my daughter would decide to go that route, that I would, of course, have to help her test drive it.

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The Storm is Over

We made it through the night. I'm so glad that this winter storm is over. Last night, the winds started whipping around so bad that we had white out conditions! I heard at one point there was a wind gust of 48 mph! Wow! I was worried about losing our power, but thankfully it held up. The lights flickered a few times, but never went out. This morning, the sun is out full blast and making all of this ice and snow look beautiful, but it is really cold. Temps are supposed to be close to ZERO and the wind chill is going to be below that. I heard possibly 15 below at some times. Hubby is out working today. I don't envy him at all. I'd much rather be here, in my warm, safe house. Kids are out of school again today, but we all figure they'll be back in session tomorrow. I have had my fill of winter weather now so come on spring! Get here fast!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Earning through PPP

If you are new to blogging, did you know that you can make MONEY off your blog? When I first started writing my blog, I didn't know that. But get this, after just a couple of months of being a part of, I have made almost $300!!! Can you believe that? I love to blog about what interests me and the thought of getting paid to do that just makes me want to yell from the rooftops how great Payperpost is.

When you advertise on blogs and make all this extra cash, what do you do with it? Well, I have been saving part of mine and spending the other half on fun things that I normally wouldn't buy. For example, I recently went out and bought some new clothes. That probably doesn't sound like much, but for the people who know me, that is a big thing for me to do. I am the type of person who will wear blue jeans until they literally fall apart. The next fun item I plan on buying is a new flat screen computer monitor, but I'm going to need to make a bit more money to do that. And I can do just that with!

Nasty Day Today

This is what the tree in my front yard looks like this morning! Covered by ice! Right now we have about 1/4" of ice out there on trees, vehicles and power lines. On the ground is about 1-2" of sleet/snow mix. However, they are forecasting up to 8" of snow to fall throughout today along with 30-35 mph winds. Yuck!

The kids are out of school today, which we figured they would be once we heard the forecast, and we figure if it does what they are saying it will that they will be out of school tomorrow too. I am just hoping that we don't lose power. It will get mighty cold in here if that happens.

Review My Post

I am sure that everyone reading my blog has by now started wondering what the little "get paid to review my post" badge at the end of each of my posts means. Well, it is just another way that PayPerPost, the website that pays me to write posts, has set up for us to make extra money. When someone clicks on this badge then signs up for Payperpost, a special opportunity is created just for them! This opportunity asks them to write a post in THEIR blog reviewing a post that was on MY blog. They will earn $7.50 for writing their review and I will also earn $7.50 for having a review written about my post. Cool, huh? This is a great opportunity to earn some money and you can generate thousands of links back to your site all the while earning money for each link!
For the next few days, I'm going to review some of the blogs of the PayPerPost ad network and I am sure there will be several people who will be reviewing some of my posts too. I look forward to it. It will give me insight as to how to better my blog and my writing as well as see what others have to say about things.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm Wireless Now

FINALLY switched over to wireless internet and all I can say is WOW!!! Why in the world did I wait so long to do this? I'm loving how fast the pages load now. Before with my dial-up, I would sit for half an hour or longer sometimes just waiting for a page to load. There were several times that I would just give up and shut it down because it was taking way too long. My kids are going to be in heaven now that their online games will load in seconds too. I'm sure I'll be fighting them to get on the computer for awhile now because of it.

Home Lighting

We've lived in our house for over five years now and I think it is time for an update on a few things. I would like to repaint a few of the rooms, update the Home Lighting Fixtures and maybe even get some new carpet. has a huge selection of both indoor and outdoor lighting. They also offer free shipping on orders over $100.

I found some really pretty fixtures for the bathroom lighting. I think they would really update the look in that room. I also found some really cool patio lights that would look awesome around our pool. If you're looking to update, upgrade or are just ready for a change in your Home Lighting Fixtures, stop by their website to see their available products.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Car shopping

We've started looking for a car for my daughter. she will be getting her license at the end of April and has already said that she wants to get a job this summer. So, she will be needing some wheels. Today we test drove a 2004 Ford Explorer. It was sweet and really wasn't too expensive, but she decided that she really wanted something smaller and that got better gas mileage. I don't blame her. With gas topping $2/gal. again, she would have been spending all of what money she earned on a car payment and gas. She wouldn't have had any extra money left over for fun. So, we're still looking. She is now saying that she would like something like a Ford Focus or maybe a Honda Civic. I'm sure we'll find something. Especially since we still have a couple of months to look.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Student Loans

Anyone who has gone to college or have kids furthering their schooling knows that student loans can become almost overwhelming. Students might also run up a credit card buying "necessities" for school that a student loan might not cover. This can lead to major credit problems over time.

Did you know, however, that you can relieve some of the pressure from debt through Student Loan Consolidation? Consolidating your loans means a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments. provides instant access to debt consolidation management, payday loan, student loan and home refinance lenders nationwide. is not a lender but a marketing service provided on behalf of actual lenders and bill consolidation companies.

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Friday, February 9, 2007

End of the week ramblings

The week is over and today I've been sitting here, contemplating what I did, and you know what? I can't think of a dang thing that I accomplished this week. Other then the regular daily grind, I don't think I did anything. Is that bad? I guess not when you think about all the normal things that I do get done around here. I guess with the hubbub of last week's anniversary party, I just feel like I should have been doing something extra this week that needed planning and details worked out. Not that I WANT another party to plan. My son would say differently since his birthday is coming up on the 23rd, but he's getting the ordinary birthday bash with a couple of friends and that's it. I guess I will just sit back and relax. I'm sure at another point in the not so distant future I will be caught up in another super hectic event.

Wash your mouth out with!

I've talked about this site before and you know I just can't get enough of it. is the best new soap opera site out there. Some websites just deal with one or two soap operas or they just feature one network of soap operas (CBS, NBC or ABC, but not all three) features Soap Opera Updates on the soaps from all three networks! Truthfully there isn't anything that I would fix on this website. They provide daily updates, message boards and spoilers along with other interesting news about your favorite soap. If you like soap operas, I highly recommend you check them out.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Conversation Hearts

Since V-Day is coming up, I thought it would be a cute thing to have this quiz on my blog. What valentine conversation heart would you be? Take the quiz and find out.

Your Candy Heart Is "BE MINE"

You've got your eye on someone, that's for sure
And you're hoping for a little spark to erupt
Make it happen on Valentine's day by going from friendly to flirty
Or if you're shy, at least play Secret Admirer

Valentine's Dating

Nobody wants to be alone on Valentine's Day and now you don't have to be. There is a new dating website out there that will help you find that special someone to celebrate the holiday with. This Free Online Dating service is called and yes, you read that right, it is a FREE service. There is no credit card required to sign up. Check it out to find your special someone today.

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The History of my Nickname

At my parents anniversary party, my father kept calling me by my nickname and since then I've had several people ask me how that came about. So here is the story of how Lisa turned into Weed.

When I was just a wee little tot, probably 2-3 years old, my uncle came for a visit. He brought along his five kids and I was in heaven because I had all of those kids to play with. Well, one of my cousins, who is 2 years older then me, had a terrible lisp when he was little and couldn't pronounce his L's or S's very well. I don't remember this as I was too young, but from what I've heard from my parents, every time he would yell for me to come play that day, it would come out as "Hey Weda, come swing with me" or "Hey Weda, come play with the baby lambs". My parents got a real kick out of the way he said my name and decided to call me that at home from that day on. Eventually Weda was shortened to Weed and hence, my nickname was born. Lovely, huh?

So, No, I'm not a big marijuana user. I've never used drugs nor do I plan to do so in the future. Weed is just a loving moniker that was bestowed on me by my loving and naive parents. It is pretty much only used by my family also. My friends never called me that during school, mainly because of the drug innuendo although now that I think about it maybe they should have. I might have been a more popular kid in those days:)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition

What two things have February 14th in common? Give up? Several of you can probably guess one as Valentine's Day, but, any red blooded male will tell you that it is also the release date of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

Now what do Valentine's Day and the SI Swimsuit Edition have in common? Well, most guys will buy jewelry or chocolates for their sweeties on that day, but what do women give to their men? Flowers? My hubby would be so embarrassed if I sent him flowers. Chocolates? Sure, my hubby would eat them, but they woulnd't really be anything special to him. But, how about a copy of the SI swimsuit edition? My hubby would be in seventh heaven and he would probably tell all his guy friends just how cool his wife was for giving him that special gift.

In addition to checking out the issue, your man can see his favorite SI models at any time by downloading cell phone wallpapers from SI Mobile. These images come straight from the photo shoots featured in the magazine, are only $1.99 each and are available for all major wireless carriers. Don't you think that your guy would love to see some pics of these famous models, including Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum, Marisa Miller, Ana Beatriz Barros, tennis star Maria Sharapova, Molly Sims and 2005 SI cover girl Carolyn Murphy?

Classic SI cover girl wallpapers from past years are also featured on the site including three-time cover girl Elle Macpherson ('87, '88, '94) and Kathy Ireland ('92, '94). SI Mobile users can also download video clips from the photo shoots, "video ringers" (ringtones with video), and more. Now, that I've given you a fantastic Valentine Day gift idea for your significant other, why not check it out?

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It's snowing!

Woke up this morning to a clear yard, clean sidewalk, clear roads, but now, in just the past couple of hours, there is snow all over the place. Enough to cause several schools to be let out early. Not ours yet, but I'm sure it'll be listed on tv soon because all of the surrounding school districts have been. It's not blizzard weather out there, but the roads are getting pretty dang slick and I know the schools just want to make sure the kids all get home safely. I guess we're supposed to get anywhere from 3-5", which really isn't a lot, but it is very dry and it is windy so figure there will be drifting later tonight too. Is it spring yet?!?!?

Monday, February 5, 2007

Britney Spears Perfume

My daughter loves Britney's perfume, Curious, but I have a hard time finding it at the store that I usually shop at (ie: discount store) so I usually have to order it online. A great website to order from is called They stock a huge selection of designer perfume and aftershave at great online prices. They have free delivery available, guarantee their products are genuine and have a no quibble return policy. Check them out today.

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It is finally over

My parents anniversary party went well, but boy, am I glad that it is over. We all enjoyed ourselves and there were tons of people there so it was very successful, but my sister inlaw and myself were totally wiped out by the time we left last night. I think total there were over 75 people there, at least that's how many had signed the guest book about thirty minutes before the end of the party. We only had four slices of cake left at the end and only enough punch for maybe 3-4 cups so we did fantastic on guessing how much we were going to need. My parents had a wonderful time. My mom, who moaned and groaned about how nobody would show up, how she didn't like being the center of attention, etc, was the belle of the ball. She was constantly talking to people or having her picture taken. It was funny to see actually. You'd have to know my mom to understand why:) So, it's done and it was a success, but I don't want to be planning anything else like that for a long, long time. I took several pictures and will post those as soon as I get my film developed. Probably this weekend.

Family Portrait

It's finally here! The long awaited duel family portrait of my and my brother's family. This is the portrait that we gave to my parents for their anniversary. They loved it, by the way:)

Anyway, back row: My sister inlaw, (Angie), my hubby, (Rob), my son (Matt) and my daughter (Miranda). Front row: my brother (Rob), my nephew (Trey) and Me.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


My best friend, Kayla, has always dreamed of meeting and marrying a millionaire, but in our small town that really hasn't been an easy task. There just aren't too many millionaires around here. Ok, really there are NO millionaires around here. But if she really wants to Date A Millionaire I've found a website that will let her do just that. It's called and is a website set up for single millionaires and single men or women looking to hook up with a millionaire. It's free to join and within seconds of doing so Kayla could be searching through thousands of online profiles to find that perfect match for her. If you're looking to find that millionaire of your own, check out this website now.

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It's Party Time!!

The big day is finally here. In just two hours, I will be at the church preparing for my parents 40th anniversary party. I really really really hope that we have a good turnout for it. It's pretty dang cold out there, but there isn't any snow and the roads are all clear. I'm hoping that is good enough for everyone to show up. I'll be taking my camera and hope to get a lot of good pictures. I'll post them here if I do.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Funny Cartoons

I found another cool website that features a ton of funny cartoons. The cartoonist, Oliver Gaspirtz, has had his cartoons featured in several magazines, including the National Enquirer, Sun and The Saturday Evening Post. He decided to publish his cartoons exclusively on the internet in 2000. His website consists of several cartoons, comics, animated flash cartoons and funny pictures. This one is one of my favorites:

Surprise in the Mail today

Way back at the beginning of November, I placed an order with a certain company for several Christmas gifts for my kids. It took forever to get the majority of those items, but they did finally arrive two days before Christmas. All but one item that is. There was a certain book that I had wanted to give my daughter about interpreting your dreams. She's always thought it would be neat to figure out what some of her goofy dreams meant and when I saw this book I thought it would make a great gift. Apparantly, so did several other people in the country. It was backordered forever and the company did tell me a couple of weeks beforehand that it probably wouldn't be available until after Christmas. Not a problem, I guess, because I could always give it to her later on. Well, the company kept sending me emails saying it would be available on January 2nd, then January 10th, then January 15th, then January 26th. I finally just figured that I would never see the dang thing, but lo and behold, it showed up in my mailbox today! I've flipped through it and it does look pretty interesting. I'll look through it more this evening when I have more time. I'm glad that it finally came. It was a nice surprise for me today.

Jewel Quest 2

If you like to play Jewel Quest, how would you like the chance to play a brand new version of the game for free AND have the chance to win a trip for four to Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida? All you have to do is visit the Jewel Quest 2 Page and sign up for their FREE newsletter. This will provide you with one entry into their sweepstakes. You can earn extra entries into the sweepstakes by purchasing Jewel Quest 2, the original Jewel Quest or Jewel Quest Solitaire.
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Today has been a blah day. I'm trying to get things done so that I don't have to worry about anything except my parents anniversary party this weekend, but so far I just can't seem to get motivated enough to do any of those things. I had big plans last night, had all the things that needed to be done written down, planned out how I was going to get them all accomplished, but then today got here and the motivation didn't come with it.

I think a lot of it is that I've not been sleeping the best all week. I'm tired and really don't have the energy to do my normal household stuff, let alone the extra on top that a party entails. I need to get moving though otherwise it is just going to keep adding up and then this weekend will be too stressful for me to enjoy the party on Sunday.

Haven't talked to my sis inlaw yet, but I figure tomorrow afternoon will be spent getting all the decorations set up. I hope it doesn't take all afternoon to do, we really didn't buy a lot of things to hang up or anything, but I know how we get whenever we're together....talkative:) as long as we can talk and work at the same time we should be good. After the decorations are all up then all we have to worry about is getting to the party site a few minutes early on Sunday afternoon to get the cake and punch ready to serve. I'm also going to take my video camera and my digital camera so I can take lots and lots of pictures of the special day. I'll be sure to post those when I can too.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've been searching for that perfect card to give my hubby. I've also been looking for special cards to send other loved ones in my life. I'm not a fan of the mushy, lovey dovey cards that a lot of companies have available for the romantic holidays. I'd much rather send a funny or risque one, especially to my hubby. They just fit my personality so much better. Anyway, I like to send paper cards through snail mail, but I also like to send them via the internet too. That's why I'm going to sign up at and send some free, funny Valentine's Day eCards to the people on my list. All cards from Egreetings are free to send and cheaper than sending paper through snail mail. You can personalize each card with a message or photo. You can also try the 30 day unlimited ecards free trial. Plus, a regular ecards subscription is only $13.99 a year. That will more then pay for itself if you buy cards for a lot of people. I like the fact that you can schedule your ecard to be sent whenever you'd like so if you're thinking about someone whose special day isn't for awhile, you can go ahead and pick one then schedule to send it later on closer to that day.
I think my favorite has got to be this cute little cupid card. What do you think? Isn't he just the sweetest thing you've ever seen? Go check out today to start sending those ecards.

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Daughter's newspaper article

Finally, my daughter's student of the month article hit the paper. She was so excited when she came home that she actually cut it out BEFORE anybody else had the chance to read the news! Here it is: Now all we have to do is wait on the other article to run. She's already received her savings bond so I know it'll be in there eventually, just don't know exactly when.


I was searching the internet the other day, looking for something different to fix for meals around here, when I came across this fantastic website. It's called and has the best foods and recipes collected that I have ever seen on one website.

This website made me wish that you could smell things through your computer monitor. The pictures just looked so appetizing that my mouth was watering before I even got past the first page. And the recipes! Oh my goodness! You wouldn't believe the different recipes. They have recipes for something simple, like lasagna to more fancy recipes, like the baked portobello mushrooms with cheese. And they are all available for download on pdf formats. The ones that I looked at also had step by step photos.

If you like to cook or just want to see some amazing pictures of delicious food, I'd definitely recommend that you visit this webiste. You'll be glad that you did.

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