Monday, February 5, 2007

It is finally over

My parents anniversary party went well, but boy, am I glad that it is over. We all enjoyed ourselves and there were tons of people there so it was very successful, but my sister inlaw and myself were totally wiped out by the time we left last night. I think total there were over 75 people there, at least that's how many had signed the guest book about thirty minutes before the end of the party. We only had four slices of cake left at the end and only enough punch for maybe 3-4 cups so we did fantastic on guessing how much we were going to need. My parents had a wonderful time. My mom, who moaned and groaned about how nobody would show up, how she didn't like being the center of attention, etc, was the belle of the ball. She was constantly talking to people or having her picture taken. It was funny to see actually. You'd have to know my mom to understand why:) So, it's done and it was a success, but I don't want to be planning anything else like that for a long, long time. I took several pictures and will post those as soon as I get my film developed. Probably this weekend.

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