Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I love to watch the new payperpost reality tv show, Rockstartup. Rockstartup is just another awesome addition to the payperpost family where you get to see behind the scenes at the payperpost headquarters and actually feel like you are there with them. You will get to know the “staff” and cheer on Ted as he tries to make payperpost the best that it can be. If you don't know by now, Ted is the guy behind Payperpost. He started it all.

My favorite episode by far this “season” has been the episode where Britt and Veronique head to Vegas for a convention and decide to have a postie patrol wedding while there! Some of the scenes from this video are just too funny! I loved the part when the bride and groom are trying on tuxes and dresses. The poor guy just looked so bored.

I would have liked to see the actual wedding in this video, but I know that they have to save something for another episode. I think it would be cool if Payperpost were to get some video footage of their actual posties too so that we could get to know some of the other people who write about these awesome payperpost gigs.

Truthfully though I'm just happy that Payperpost exists. It has given me a fantastic opportunity to add some moolah to my pretty empty checking account. Thanks Payperpost!

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