Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back to School

My kids went back to school today. It was a slow drive into town, but we made it. The roads are all pretty much cleared, but there is still a layer of ice in several areas. Thankfully we didn't slide off the road, but I did see two vehicles that did. My daughter wanted to drive today, but I said no. She needs to practice in driving in this junk, but I am not good at driving in it without stressing out so really doubt I'd have been a good passenger either. She'll get her practice in, just not with me:)

Today it is supposed to be super cold. High of 16 degrees, but a windchill of -10! Brr! It's hard to believe that normal highs this time of year for our area are in the low 40's. Boy, what I wouldn't give for those temperatures right now.

Talked to my dad last night and I guess he fell yesterday while leaving work. He slipped on the sidewalk and landed flat on his back, hitting his head on the sidewalk. Thankfully he didn't hurt anything but his pride. He said his first thoughts were "who saw me do that?" Ha! What a goofball. I'm just glad he didn't hurt himself. He's done that too much in my lifetime and I don't care for it to happen anymore.

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