Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ford Mustang

As you all know, we are looking for a car for my daughter, who will be turning 16 in just a couple of months. She has been looking through magazines and checking out commercials, but still hasn't come up with her ideal car yet. She has, however, made a list of several different cars that she wouldn't mind test driving at some point. One, in particular, caught my eye when I was reading over her list...A 2003 Mustang.

This particular car caught my eye because of the fact that the Mustang was the first car I ever owned. Granted, my first Mustang was a 1974, not a 2003, but I loved that car with all my heart. I helped my dad fix it up and truly made it my own. Unfortunately, I wrecked that one only after about a year of driving it (hit a deer) and totalled it. That didn't stop my love of the Mustang though. As soon as I graduated high school and started working at a full-time job, I saved up enough money to go out and buy a brand new Mustang. This one was a 1988 GT, cherry red and loaded. I loved it and drove the wheels off it every weekend. I even shut up a few of my male friends when I'd beat them in a race. Who says girls can't drive?

My Mustang days didn't end with that car either. My future husband also drove a 1974 Mustang when we first met and then after we were married, we bought another 1988 Mustang GT, this one black with red pin striping. Of course, after the kids came along, we had to give up our little car and go to a bigger 4-door sedan. Those car seats just didn't fit too well in the back of the Mustang. But, now that the kids are older, who knows. We might just have to go out and buy another Mustang of our own. And you can bet money, if my daughter would decide to go that route, that I would, of course, have to help her test drive it.

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