Monday, February 19, 2007

I took the plunge

After several years of debating and saving our money, I finally went and ordered our swimming pool today. I'm excited! We've been thinking about getting a pool for several years now, but something always came up and we'd either have to spend the money that we'd saved for it on something else or we waited too long and didn't get on the installation list in time. That's what happened last year. We were going to get the pool then, but waited too long to order it and by that time it was going to be the end of summer before they would have gotten it here. So we just waited...and this year we're finally going to have one. WooHoo!

It is going to be an above ground pool and by the looks of the outside wall design and the liner we picked out today, it's going to really fit in with our landscaping. We are also going to build a deck around it so that it'll look nice that way too. I can't wait. I wish it was spring now! They are supposed to have it installed by Memorial Day so that is something really fun to look forward to. Yay!

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