Monday, March 12, 2007


Ok, I really stunk at following NS today. With having to set our clocks ahead an hour, I started out later with my day so I just had the NS peanut butter granola bar, 1/2 c. milk, 1/2 c. grapefruit juice and a slice of toast. Figured I'd just eat a light breakfast since it was only about 2 hours until lunch.

Well, hubby decided that he wanted to go shopping so off we go. He swore to me that we'd eat somewhere for lunch that I could eat sensibly. Where do we end up at? Taco Bell! Now, I know that you can order pretty much any item off their menu "al fresca" style which lowers the fat and calorie content, but still. I ended up just ordering two of their soft tacos and a diet cola. It didn't fill me up at all. We went to a few more stores then brought everything home. Hubby then says for me to go back out to the car. He had a surprise for me. Ok. The kids stay home and off we go again. This time we end up at the movies. Great. I've no problem with going to see a good movie (We saw Wild funny), but I'd not brought my NS snack and I was still hungry from not eating much at lunch. Hubby ordered popcorn and I ended up eating 1/2 of it before I even realized it. Movie Popcorn=No! No! in Lisa's book. After the movie, Hubby said we'd go get something at Subway. Ok, I can handle Subway. I can eat healthy there and this will also fill me up. good. So, we drive down to the Subway that is closest to the theater. it's packed. Hubby doesn't want to wait so we drive across town to another Subway. It's closed. Grr!!! By now, my stomach is growling loud enough for hubby to hear it and I'm also getting nauseous from being too hungry so I growl at him to just stop at the next restaurant that comes along. Well, that just happens to be RALLY'S. Ok, not the best place to eat, but I'm going to pass out if I don't put some food in my body soon! I order the spicy chicken meal, small, with diet cola. When I get it, I toss the bun out, scrape off as much of the mayo as possible and inhale the chicken patty. I feel better after that and slow down to eat the small fries. Well, didn't have to worry about me eating too many because after only the third one, I bit into something that was just awful! it was so bitter, I still don't know what it was. I immediately spit it out and dumped the rest of the fries. I guess that's one way not to go overboard on eating junk. By now, I realize this is just a bad eating day on my part and I should just stop and not even try anymore. So, once we got home I just drank a big glass of water then go to bed, telling myself that I'll do better in the morning.

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