Thursday, April 19, 2007

Working from Home

When I used to work in the "outside world", I always thought it would be the best to work from home instead. But, now that I'm working from home, there are days that I really wish I still worked elsewhere.

When we first started out business, we really weren't big enough to utilize an office in town so I just did what I needed to here. It worked well and plus I could be here when my kids got home from school and I was also able to do other things while I was here during the day, like cleaning, the dishes, laundry, etc. Over time, however, our business has grown enough so that now our little corner of the bedroom is being overun by business items. There's no room to put any more storage in there and you actually have to navigate very carefully when you get up to use the bathroom at night so you don't trip over a box of copy paper or a pile of files.

My kids are definitely old enough for me to work in an office again and if I were in an office then the minute I walked out that door, I would be able to switch from work mode to mom/wife mode. As it is now, work mode never seems to leave. No matter how hard I try, work still ends up popping into any conversation that I'm having. Even when I'm trying to relax in a bubble bath at night, work keeps intruding. I always thought having little kids was the worst thing to bother me while trying to take a bath. Boy, was I wrong!:)

So, now I'm weighing the pros and cons on moving to an actual office in town. There are several good things about it, but there are also several cons. One being that we'd have to pay rent. At least having the office here is rent free. I'll just have to think about it and see if working from home is really what I want to continue to do or if moving back into the "outside world" is the better choice.

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