Friday, April 20, 2007

Weigh In today

FINALLY! The scale showed a 1.4 lb loss for this week. I'll take it:) Hopefully this is a new wave of losses for me and these next few weeks will move me right down the number scale. I've been on NS for a month and a half and am now down 10.2 lbs. or something like that. I can't remember the exact tenth of a pound. In two months time, I was really hoping to be down 20 lbs. The last time I was on NS, I lost the weight so much faster. This time I'm going down, but it has been super slow going. I still have a couple weeks left in this second month and I'm hoping to be down at least 12 lbs. in that time. We'll see. With working out at Curves, maybe it is doable. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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