Sunday, April 1, 2007

Make Money with IM

There are several ways to make money popping up all over the internet. The newest website that I've found is called Isellim: Connect with experts online now via Instant Messaging

With Isellim, if you are a lawyer, accountant, therapist, geek, or just someone who can offer professional advice then you can sign up for Isellim and earn money by helping people who need your it. You will be listed according to your expertise and then people can "hire" you to get your professional advice.

The following is a press release regarding Isellim:

A new website at allows experts to set up an account and get paid by clients for their expertise.

Are you a great financial planner? Maybe you have excellent fashion sense or can tell someone how to optimize their website

How much is your time worth? $75 an hour? $15 for 15 minutes? $30 per call? Whatever you like. People will only be able to

contact you when they've prepaid your rate.

"Creating a simplified way to sell knowledge is a logical and overdue step on the economic evolution of the net," said

isellim's creator Richard Ellender.

The concept of isellim is fairly straightforward, experts are able to list themselves in a directory.according to their

professional expertise and will be available for hire by any isellim client. They receive all the tools necessary to

communicate with clients who are searching for immediate help.

From the clients's point of view isellim is an online expert advice service that enables them to contact a real person who is

an expert in the chosen area of inquiry.

"With an isellim account, you are in control of when you are available for work," Ellender said.

When an isellim expert is available, an "online" button appears in the directory of the isellim site or on the experts's web

site, blog or email. Pricing can be set per minute or per call with a set time limit.

The entire service is free for experts, save from a 10 percent commission taken from all Instant Messaging Sessions. "Anyone

on the web can use this, without any money down," Ellender said. "There is only a charge if it's used. The Internet will be a

saviour for knowledgeable people looking to make some extra money."

isellim allows anyone with expert knowledge in their field to use the service; traditional service providers like accountants,

therapists and legal professionals, as well as other experts and enthusiasts, to earn money by connecting online immediately

with their clients.

Try the new Instant Messaging Service at

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