Thursday, April 12, 2007

Almost two weeks done

Tomorrow will be the end of my second week of going to Curves. I don't know if it is getting any easier or not. Today I was asked by one of the other ladies in there if I was having an easier time of it yet. I told her that I was, but honestly I'm still having a hard time of it. My pulse is still WAY too high after one circuit and I don't even feel like I'm putting that much effort into it! I'm barely walking in place between machines and although I am working hard on each station I know I'm not doing as hard as I could be. I don't know. Maybe I'm just that much out of shape that it is going to take me longer to feel the results? I know I'm ready to get past the sweat dripping off my face stage of it. I feel like such a slob afterwards that I can't, no wait WON'T, run any errands. My mom was telling me today that if I ever want to go shopping afterwards or have anything else that I need to do that it is fine with her, but I personally don't feel comfortable doing it. I mean, I've got sweat dripping off my face, my hair is wet from it, I'm sure I have a slight aroma wafting from my body afterwards, no way would I want to be walking through a store or anything subjecting others to that. Maybe one day I'll be like some of the others that I've seen in there and be able to jog between machines and still walk out after my workout with only a small glean of moisture on my brow. Maybe someday.

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