Sunday, April 29, 2007

Barry Williams

OMG! I'm so psyched this morning! Last night, hubby and I went to Casino Aztar. The Lounge there was having the Original Idols Live concert going on. I knew Barry Williams was going to be there, but had no idea I'd actually see him up close and personal! After hubby and I finished at the casino, we came back through the lounge area. At the same time, Barry was exiting the stage. I didn't know it at the time though and was just trying to get through the mass of women surrounding it. As I pushed my way through though, I immediately bumped into this guy. As I looked up and saw who it was I almost died of embarrassment. It was Greg Brady himself, Mr. Barry Williams!!!! Talk about a red face! I apologized and he did too, he smiled and said hi and went off to the little backstage area they had set up. I was in shock. Hubby didn't see it happen, but it did and I'll remember it forever:)

I am a bit disappointed in myself though for not sticking around and seeing the entire show because LEIF GARRETT, my personal favorite from my younger years, was also there. I'm upset that I missed him, but still psyched about bumping into Barry:) If you don't know who some of these teen idols are, watch this video clip:

So, did you see any of your favorite singers from yesteryear in the video? I strongly recommend checking out this concert, if you did, so that you can catch them in concert yourself. I know if they come back to my area that I will be sticking around to see the entire show:)

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