Monday, April 16, 2007

Las Vegas trip

One of my friends, Josh, just got back from a trip to Vegas and from what he's told me they (Josh and his wife) had a blast! I have never been there, but think I'll be checking into it after hearing about all the fun he had this past week.

Josh said they saw all sorts of fun things, like the Azure Mermaid Show, which I guess is an underwater show featuring, you guessed it, mermaids! He tried to explain, but said I'd have to see it to totally understand. He also said they went to the Flamingo Hilton Wildlife Habitat, the Hard Rock Cafe, Harley Davidson Cafe, House of Blues, and the Nascar Cafe. But he said his favorite place of all was Planet Hollywood. He is a BIG movie buff and couldn't stop talking about this place and all the cool movie memoribilia.

Josh told me that if he ever wins the lottery and can move anywhere in the world, he would pick Vegas. He's already started looking at the MLS listings to see what type of homes are available there.

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