Sunday, April 1, 2007

I'm worried

I am wondering if I'm going to show a loss tomorrow. When I peeked at the scale on Friday, I was down another pound, but this weekend has been pretty much an eating fest! Friday night, since hubby was out of town, I took the kids to dairy queen for a treat. I didn't get any ice cream, but I did eat dinner there (a grilled chicken sandwich, no mayo, and a small fry). I did really well Saturday for breakfast and lunch, but then when my hubby returned that evening he wanted to go out for dinner and we ended up at the local Mexican restaurant. I did order a small taco meal, but it was still way more then I needed. Today we took the kids to bowl and did have a lot of fun there, but afterwards we ate at Applebee's. I did order off the weight watchers menu, but still feel that i didn't stay on program even though it was lower calorie then anything else I could have ordered. I'm going to get back on track with my dinner tonight and I have drank a ton of water since we got home to hopefully help flush any extra calories out too. I will hope for the best, I guess and then pray that going to Curves this week gives me a bit of a boost too.

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