Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I love auction websites. I like the thrill and excitement of seeing whether or not I can get a fabulous deal on a product. Normally, auction websites have the highest bidder win the item, but now there is a new concept out there.

At Bid4Prizes.com, the LOWEST bidder wins the prize! Now how is that for a switcheroo? You're probably asking exactly how does this work? Well, at Bid4Prizes.com you find a prize you like (for example, a camcorder which would normally sell for several hundred dollars new). Instead of bidding and paying several hundred dollars for it, you bid .50 cents. Once you bid, they tell you whether your bid is high, low, unique, or duplicate and the game begins. Bid4Prizes then gives you game tips to help you decide the lowest unique bid that will win you the prize. And the best of all, if you win the prize you actually pay NOTHING! (except shipping costs and any applicable taxes the IRS might charge you)

To join in on the fun, visit Bid4Prizes.com and register. Once you are a member, you could be the next low bidder and win some fabulous prizes.

this is a sponsored post.

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