Friday, April 20, 2007

I don't like them. Nope. Not one bit.

We have salamanders around our house. I do not like them. Whenever the weather turns warm, they slither across our front deck, up the side of the house and across our window screens. They like to hide underneath the porch and will run out when you are least expecting it.

Today, while I was mowing, I had to move a few things out of my way, one being a small statue. Whenever I picked it up, one of those little critters decided to run right out from under it right at me. The shock made me jump and when I landed, it just happened to be right on his tail. Yuck, yuck and double yuck! Did I mention that I do NOT like salamanders?

This makes the second run in that I've had with these creatures. The first was right after we moved in and one ran across my barefoot while I was sitting outside! Now this? I think it is time for me to give them their eviction notice. No more living underneath my porch. I do not care if they live farther away, say maybe in the storage shed waaaayyyyy on the other side of the property. I wonder if they'd move? I'm sure if they knew of the possibility of them losing a tail one day that might be a good incentive. does anybody speak salamander so we can get that message to them?


Sarakastic said...

Maybe you could put up a sign around the salamander desiginated areas. I love your punkymood emoticon I'm going to have to go get one, thanks!

Lisa said...

I like that:) thanks so much for the idea.