Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Window Blinds

I've been looking to redo the blinds on my windows. At the moment, we have mini blinds on the majority of them. I do not like them. I haven't since the day my hubby brought them home and installed them. They are nice to keep people from seeing inside during the day, but still letting in natural light, but I don't like the fact that they gather dust so easily.

I've been thinking of switching to Roller Blinds. Roller Blinds used to be pretty plain and only worked well for your kitchen or maybe a bathroom, but now they have so many varieties and styles available that you could use them in almost any room in the house.

I would love to get some black-out Roller Blinds for my bedroom. It faces east and every sunny morning, the sun shining on my face wakes me up too early. I'd also love to get some fabric covered ones for my living room. I'm sure I could find some to coordinate with the other fabrics already in there. And the ones that you can clean with a sponge would work fabulously in our mudroom. No more muddy little finger prints. I'm going to check out TerrysFabrics to see what I can find.

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