Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Warning Labels

Today has been a very boring day so I've been doing a lot of television watching. While flipping channels, I happened to notice this warning on my RCA television remote...Do not put in dishwasher. Now who in the world would put their remote in the dishwasher? Apparantly someone was silly enough to do that though otherwise why the warning? Anyway, it made me wonder what other types of silly warning labels there are out there. I did some searching online and came across a website full of them. Thanks to for these hilariously funny labels.

On a container of salt: warning, high in sodium
On Woolite Carpet Cleaner: safe to use on carpets
Box of household nails: Do NOT swallow nails! May cause irritation!
Bottle of bathtub cleaner: For best results, start with a clean tub.
toilet brush: do not use for personal hygiene
T.V. manual: do not pour liquids into your television set
can of black pepper: usage unknown(?)
electronic thermometer: do not use orally after using rectally (yuck!)
rat poison: Caution! Has been found to cause cancer in laborator mice.
microwave oven: Do not use for drying pets
disposable razor: Do not use this product during an earthquake.

My favorite warning label though is on the boxes of Schwan's frozen food packages

Serving suggestion: Defrost

My favorite because my husband used to work for Schwans and he was ALWAYS telling me that people would ask him if the food had to be defrosted before eating! HA!

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