Friday, April 6, 2007

Day 3, End of week 1

Ok, I made it through my first week of going to Curves. Today wasn't as hard as yesterday, but I also didn't work as hard as I did yesterday. I had problems when I was there Thursday. My pulse was WAY too high! I couldn't get it to slow down at all and by the time I left I was feeling dizzy and light headed. By the time I got home, I felt better thankfully.

Today I didn't go as fast on the walking platform between machines. Yesterday I was doing a fairly fast march and I think that's what pushed me over the top. Today I just did a slow walk in place and at times even just did a bit of a twisting motion. My pulse only went too high once and I was able to bring it down pretty quickly.

I'm hoping that next week is better. I'm sure it will be the more often I go and the better shape I get in. My mom is doing great. She might be 60 years old, but she was moving today like a 25 year old:)

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