Thursday, April 26, 2007

My favorite craft

Had lunch with my mom, aunt and cousin today. That is always fun. We get to catch up on each others lives and, of course, gossip:) Today my cousin brought me a new craft project. She was cleaning out her closet, she told me, and ran across it. Knowing that she'd never do it, she passed it along to me. It's a counted cross-stitch picture of a hummingbird with baby birds in a nest that, once finished, can either be made into a wall hanging or a pillow. I'll probably do it up as the wall hanging.

Now, anybody who knows me, knows that I love cross stitching. I've loved it ever since I was a little girl and my grandma, who will be 99 years young this year, taught me how to embroider. I never quite caught onto all of the embroidery stitches except the cross stitch and it really just stuck with me. I have done several projects that, if I wanted to do so, would easily fill an entire blog with pictures. If I'd taken pictures of everything, that is:)

I think the reason that I love to do this craft project above all others is the simple fact that my grandma taught me how to do it. I love my grandma with all my heart and anytime I am working on a cross-stitch project I just feel closer to her. It is something that I will always have, a memory that I'll keep with me even after she is gone.

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