Thursday, April 5, 2007

Curves, Day 2

Ouch! That's about all I can say this morning. Every muscle in my body is SCREAMING at me, yelling at me for putting them through this torture we call exercise. God, I can tell I'm in terrible shape.

Day two started out fine. I picked up mom and we were all smiles when we got to the gym because there wasn't anybody else there. I love working out when you have full use of the gym and don't have to wait on others to move out of your way. So, we get started and on the very first machine we're both making terrible grimacy faces. Hmm, guess our muscles did get a workout on Tuesday after all and are now wondering why the heck we're going through this again. One lap around the room and we're both huffing and puffing. Halfway through the second lap, my pulse is way too high so I slow it way down. I make it through the second rotation and get a dang cramp in my thigh. So, as I'm limping through the last half of the circuit, I'm in pain from being out of shape, my face is beat red, I have sweat dripping from my nose and I have a dang cramp in my leg. Talk about a beautiful sight. NOT!

Mom did fine, but she said she was more sore today then she was Tuesday also. I really hope this gets easier. I'm almost afraid to see how I feel tomorrow. Will I make it? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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