Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My rant for today

I'm so sick of people who think they don't need to work and that everyone else should take care of them. My brother inlaw is the topic today. He doesn't have a job, lives in a trailer where rent is provided free of charge by his mom, and blows what little money he does earn from fixing cars on drugs. Today he had the nerve to call my husband and ask if he would buy a car trailer from him so that his electricity wasn't shut off! First of all, we don't need a car trailer. Second, we don't have the extra money to spare to buy the car trailer. Third, it is not OUR problem that my brother inlaw is about to lose his electricity.

This isn't the first time an inlaw has asked for help like this. I'm tired of it. I know that it is harsh, but if everyone continues to take care of brother inlaws bills then he will never worry about them himself. I say, if he can't pay for it then let them shut it off. He'll find some way to come up with the money to get it turned back on eventually. So, he won't have power to have the radio on while he plays around in the garage, working on derby cars. Who cares? Not me! I have my own bills to worry about paying without having to factor in someone elses! I'm not against helping someone out in a pinch, but this is getting ridiculous!

Am I wrong in feeling this way? Like I said, it would be different if C. had never asked for help before and was just down on his luck this time because of a job layoff or something, but this is an ongoing event. Every month, he's bumming money off one sibling or another. He takes major advantage of his mom by not even offering to pay her rent. He doesn't even offer a trade of services or something similar to make up for it. He just uses her kindness to his advantage.

And it's not just C either. I think all of hubby's siblings have been mooches at one time or another. His sister, J, owes his mom several thousand dollars for back car payments that his mom paid for so her car wasn't repossessed. M, a brother, uses his mom as his own personal banker to help fund his business. He's even had her take out loans so that he can pay his employee payroll! What the hell? Another brother, D, has also bummed money from us or his mom. It's a neverending cycle. Hmm, I'm seeing a pattern here. Mom inlaw has been involved in all of these matters. Maybe SHE should stop giving so much and let her children learn from their mistakes instead of always being there to bail them out.

Well, I know this time, even though hubby is wanting to help his brother out, it's not going to happen. I'm not taking money to C like hubby wants. He is just going to have to find some other sucker to get it from....and I'm sure he will.


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