Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ahh, Summertime

I just love summertime. I love that the days are longer. You can get more done in the evenings when there is nothing on TV. I love that the days are warm and you can be outside more instead of being cooped up indoors like you are in the winter. I love that school is out and I can sleep in. Makes it much easier to get up the next day when there isn't an alarm clock involved, especially if I've stayed up a bit later the night before watching a really good movie. My kids love it because of that point too. lol

The only thing I do NOT like about summer is the snakes! If I never saw another snake in my lifetime, I would be happy. Last Friday, we had a 6 foot long blacksnake on our front porch! Yep, if I'd opened the door I would have easily stepped on the stupid thing. Ugh! Thankfully, my mom saw it first though and shooed him off. Of course, that wasn't until AFTER he'd scared the bejeebies out of her. Poor mom. She had just wanted to give me some fresh onions and radishes from her garden. She had no idea that when she walked up to my front door, that Mr. Black Snake would be laying there, waiting to greet her. I do wish I'd had a camera though because she jumped pretty high into the air when she saw him:)

Ok, back to what I do like about summer....fresh veggies from the garden, lazy days spent in the pool, cold and juicy watermelon, crickets chirping at night...wow, I could probably fill an entire blog of my favorite things about this season, but think I'll stop for now.

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