Friday, May 4, 2007

In Pain

My son's school called at lunchtime today to see if I could come and pick him up. Apparantly, some kids and him were jostling each other around at lunchtime, you know how boys are, pushing and shoving each other. Anyway, somehow in the process of having fun, he got hurt. He says it feels like he pinched a nerve in either his neck or shoulder. He can't tell because it radiates into both areas. So, he is home now and has the heating pad on to see if that helps. He's taken a couple of ibuprofen and appears to be doing better.

I swear, between him and my daughter, I've had one child home at least once each week for the past month! I think a lot of it is end of school fever. They just don't want to be at school anymore. my son, though, is really hurting today. You can tell just by the way he is holding himself and, on the ride home, every bump I hit with my car (i really was trying to miss them!) he would wince. Maybe today isn't the dreaded end of the year fever, but I'd bet money that some of the other days have been!

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