Monday, May 7, 2007

This week is so stressful!

This time of year always gets to me. It is Spring Cleanup time for our hometown and with our business providing dumpsters for this annual event, it gets pretty frantic around here. So far this morning, I've already had 36 phone calls! And it's only been two hours since I started! We've had dumpsters removed and taken to the landfill, dumpsters replaced, dumpsters set at the wrong location and to top it all, I just got a call that a dumpster had been set on fire! ARGH!!!! And the bad thing is that this week is only going to get worse.

I appreciate that the City takes pride in their appearance and wants to give everyone the chance to "clean up" their property, but it is enough to drive me insane at times. I've had people call to see what they will and won't take and have to refer them back to City Hall because they are the ones, not us, who set those rules. I've had people call and complain to me because the city employees didn't pick up building materials or something else that was on their list of things they wouldn't take and, again, had to refer them back to City Hall. I also have people call and threaten to bring anything that is left behind out HERE, to my HOME, and say they will dump it off and then we'll have to take it! Yikes! Not fun, not fun, not fun. So, that explains the little "frazzled" picture in the righthand corner of my blog. I'll be so glad when this week is over.

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