Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My little girl is growing up

OMG! My daughter told me last night that she is ready to go get her driver's license! Yes, her birthday was two weeks ago and yes, I knew she was going to get to this point eventually, but I really was hoping it would be a lot longer! I'm just not ready to have a child driving and out of my control, no not control, care. That's a better word. I know she is a good driver and I know she will be very careful, but still, I'm going to be worried every time she leaves our driveway. She's already putting in job applications for summer too. Another scary thought. When did she get so mature? In my mind, she is still five years old and afraid of the dark. I realize that I have to let her grow up though and will begrudgingly take her to the license branch to get her driver's license. I might go kicking and screaming the entire way, but I will take her. Maybe:)

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