Monday, October 15, 2007

Me on Muscle Relaxants and Vicodin

Hubby and I are in the car, carrying on a decent conversation...or so I thought.

Me: Did I tell you Paul called me yesterday?

DH: No, what did he want?

Me: He said that when he took the groceries to Louise that she was giving him the third degree as to why I wasn't there.

DH: Oh yeah?

Me: Yep, Paul said that he was putting her groceries in the freezer, the one out in her garage, and she came up behind him and just about scared him to death.

DH: Isn't Louise blind? How did she even know he was there?

Me: She's only blind enough that she can't see!

Yes, I said that. I MEANT she is considered legally blind and can't DRIVE, but the pills made it come out completely wrong. Oops!

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