Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

This is going to come to a shock to several of my friends and family when they read this post, but guess what I did!?!!?! I actually started my Christmas shopping! I have four things crossed off my list already and they are now hidden in my closet. Usually I am out there on Christmas Eve, desparately searching for that one last present, but not this year. I vow that I will be finished by December 1 so that I can sit back and relax and actually enjoy the holiday season. Anybody else want to join me and take it easy this holiday season?


martoon said...

I have not started mine yet but I am fully in the christmas spirit already - I dont have the money right now, Should get some saving done and start thinking of what to get people.

I just love christmas! Cannot wait for the snow and the hot water bottles while watching seasonal movies.

Lisa said...

I don't usually start this early, but for some reason the bug bit me to do so this year. I'm hoping to be finished by the beginning of December, but have a feeling that once I get started on thanksgiving stuff that the shopping will be pushed aside and I'll still be out there on Christmas Eve searching for that final gift.