Monday, October 29, 2007

It's Just Another Manic Monday

And I'm going to go insane if the phone doesn't stop ringing. Since I started work at 8am, I think I've easily answered over 100 calls. Most of them are wanting construction dumpsters either removed or delivered. Any other time this would be fine, but today, for some reason, everybody and their mothers are calling in and wanting it done right now. Sorry, but we can only pick up one dumpster at a time. I've also had to make two trips into town (1st to take my son to school, 2nd to take his gym clothes to school) and then another trip to pick one of our trucks up from the shop. That was the best hour of my day:) It was nice and quiet with just the sun streaming through the car window. I could have easily just kept on driving instead of returning to the office. But, no, I was a good girl and came back to my desk with the annoying, nonstop ringing phone.

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