Thursday, October 11, 2007

It got the best of me

I broke down and called the doctor today. My sciatica got the best of me last night. I was feeling a little better yesterday afternoon, but when I went to bed it flaired up again. I was in enough pain that I laid there and just cried until almost 2am. Every time I'd move, there would be searing pain rip through my lower back and down my right leg. I couldn't find a comfortable position no matter how hard I tried. And then, when I did finally fall asleep, I dreamed that I was falling. I must have been almost to the point of hitting the ground because hubby said I jerked really hard and let out a horrible scream. He thought I was being murdered in my sleep! All I knew was that I was in terrible pain and wide awake....again.

After that episode, I gave up trying to get anymore sleep and just got up and went out to the living room. I took several ibuprofen in the hopes that they would at least take the edge off and let me be a bit comfortable, but no such luck. I ended up cancelling going to the gym this morning and will probably cancel tomorrow too unless the doc gives me some super good muscle relaxers or pain killers.

Anyway, I waited around this morning until the doctor's office opened and then called, hoping that they might just call in a RX, but no, they wanted me to come in for an exam. Usually I would protest because I hate going to a doctor just to pay to have them tell me what I already know is wrong, but I'm in enough pain this time to say "Oh well, here's the money, now give me some pills".

I'll let you know later what happens and all. Who knows, if I get the right kind of medicine that might just make for some really fun and goofy posts for you all to read. Did I tell you that pain killers and muscle relaxants make me loopy? lol

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