Friday, October 19, 2007

Now Say You're Sorry.....

That's what you tell your kids when they are little and have a fight with a friend, sibling, classmate. You tell them to apologize and then shake hands or give a hug to whomever it is they've hurt. Seems so easy when they are 2, 3, 4 years old, but what do you do when they aren't kids anymore?

Two of our employees do NOT get along. They bicker and argue every day, they both suck up to the boss (DH) to make themselves look better then the other, they are both constantly putting the other one down or trying to get them into trouble. You would think they are 5 year old boys rather then 30 year old men! But, what do you do? They've both been told to try to get along. If they can't get along then to just ignore the other, but that isn't working. They've been reprimanded several times for arguing.

Do we fire one? Do we fire both? They are already doing separate jobs. Neither one really has to even see the other during work hours except for maybe passing each other in the parking lot. Which is what they did this evening and apparantly words were exchanged and yelling erupted. I didn't hear what was said, but you could tell that both guys were peeved. No punches were thrown, thankfully, because that would have been grounds for firing both their behinds. Any suggestions as to how to get these two to just get along? I know neither wants to find themselves out doing the whole job hunt thing any time soon, but that is what it is really leaning towards at the moment. Help!

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