Friday, August 24, 2007


This has been one looooonnnnnnggggg week. I'm exhausted and really hoping this weekend is calm and quiet to give me a chance to recuperate.

Funeral arrangments have been made for my grandma. It will take place next Thursday. I took the kids with me today to get some nice clothes to wear. I had absolutely nothing, same with my son. My daughter just wanted something new:) Anyway, that seemed to take forever. You'd think black dress pants and a nice black dressy top would be fairly easy to find.....nope. I did finally find something that would work though. My son found a nice pair of khaki jeans and a nice polo shirt to wear and he'll be able to wear them other places so at least they won't just sit in his closet. My daughter found a really nice dress too. Also bought some nice shoes for my daugher and myself and the best part of that was that both pair were on clearance and had been marked way down in price. Mine were only $3.00!!! I figure I can handle that since I'll probably never wear them again. I'm just not a dressy person. I live in blue jeans and tee shirts.

After clothes shopping, I met my mom and aunt at the flower shop and we picked out the funeral spray for grandma's casket and I also ordered a bunch to be just from me, hubby and my kids. I ordered all lavender flowers since that was grandma's favorite color. I think she'd like that:)

At some point this weekend, I need to get my son's hair cut and also need to get mine colored. I know grandma wouldn't have cared if we were a bit scraggly, but I want to look nice anyway.

School starts Monday so at least that will give the kids something to help take their minds off what is going on. They will have to miss school on Thursday for the funeral, but both have said they want to go. I'm not going to say no.

Work is still working. I wish I wasn't self-employed now because if I worked for someone else I could at least take a day off. Here I can't seem to do that. The phone is still ringing and even though I haven't been answering every call, I am still pretty busy. It's helped keep me from breaking down though so guess, in a way, that is good.

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