Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School Time

Today was the first day back to school for my two kids. Neither was really ready to go back, but I think they were both happy to see their friends again.

My daughter is a Junior this year. Wow, do I feel old! It was bad enough at the end of last school year when she got her driver's license, but to now send her off to school WITHOUT my having to drive her, well, that was almost too much to handle. I hate to even think how her Senior year is going to feel. I might not want to send her back to school then!

My son started Jr. High today so this was a whole new experience for him. New school, new teachers, etc. He's not the big man on campus anymore, but a lowly little 7th grader. He seems to have done well for his first day though. He didn't get lost and said he found all of his classes just fine. He did have a bit of trouble with his gym lock, but I think he'll do fine once he gets some practice using it. He said tomorrow will be the real test because it will be a full day with a full class schedule. He's looking forward to it though.

Both came home with another list of school supplies so will try to get those things picked up tomorrow for them. I thought I was finished with my back to school shopping, but I guess not. Not a problem though because most things are being marked down now so they're super cheap. lol


Crazy Lady said...

School started yesterday here too. What a lovely day it was!

Mayogi said...

My kids go back to school next week. I know they miss their friends and school, although they complain all the time about having to get up early in the mornings again and doing homework. But once they're back in school I know they will love it, and I sure will too. *lol*