Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update on my Grandma

Well, grandma is back in the hospital again. They took her from the nursing home last night because she had a fever of 102. When they got her to the hospital, they took a chest x-ray and immediately started her on antibiotics. She was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and a small spot of infection on her lung, which if not caught this early, would have probably turned into pneumonia. She is in ICU, for now, and will probably be in the hospital for a couple of days.

My mom is feeling terrible because when she visited with grandma on Tuesday afternoon, grandma kept saying she was really, really tired. Mom thinks she should have known that something wasn't quite right, but she didn't say anything and now feels terrible about it. I told her that grandma was saying she was really tired on Monday when I visited her too and I didn't catch it either. I just figured she was tired from all her therapy and was needing sleep to recoup from that.

So, we are back to running to the hospital again. My poor mom and aunt are running themselves ragged. When I talked to my mom this morning, you could tell she was just exhausted.

I don't have anymore news for now, but will update again when I do.

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