Monday, January 22, 2007


Well, 2006 is over and last week Wirefly, a leader in the world of comparison shopping for wireless phones, phone plans and phone accessories, announced their list of the top ten best selling cell phones of 2006? Can you guess which one made it to the top of the list? I'll give you a hint. It's super slim and the name sounds like something that you'd find in the medine cabinet. No, it's not what you're thinking, silly! It's the RAZR!!!! Cingulars Motorola Razr came in first, followed by the T-Mobiles Razr and Verizon's Razr. If you'd like to see what else made the list, you can do so here.

One year ago, Wirefly also predicted several trends that they thought would influence people's purchase of cell phones. How did those trends compare to Wirefly's predictions?

1. Music and mobile TV phones
Yep, you guessed it. Nine out of the top ten phones were camera phones and a lot of the new models shipped by Wirefly in 2006 emphasized music capabilities.

2. Bigger selection of smartphones with more robust operating systems
2006 did see the introduction of exciting smartphones like the Treo 700 series, the Motorola Q, the Blackberry Pearl and Blackberry 8700 series, and Pocket PC's like the Verizon XV6700. This just proves that users still demand functionality.

3. Cell phones designed for children
There were very strong growth sales for phones made just for kids. Wirefly also
made a deal with Disney Mobile, which is now a featured carrier on their site.

4. Expanded GPS services
Increased marketing of GPS services by the cell phone carriers themselves. Wirefly also expects to see this trend continue.

What really drew me to Wirefly though was how easy it was to compare cell phone prices and services. I don't usually visit comparison websites, but Wirefly made it so easy that I will from now on.

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