Monday, January 8, 2007


Wow, can you believe that an entire week of the new year has come and gone already? Does this mean that this year is going to zip by too? I sure hope not although I do wish for warm, springtime weather to get here as fast as it can.

Things have been busy here so I figure that is why the time is flying. January is usually pretty busy with the business, trying to get all of our tax paperwork together and stuff. I hate that part, but it is nice to clear out the files and have them empty for awhile. Of course, I have to find a spot for the old files and that is becoming a bigger challenge each year. When we first started this business, the years files could easily fit in a shoebox in our closet. That is no longer true. This year I'm moving them out to the garage in big 20 gallon plastic bins!

Also, me and my sister in-law have been busy planning my parents 40th wedding anniversary party. It has been fun, but gee is it time consuming! We went shopping today though and took care of pretty much everything on our lists except for the food. That will be done closer to the actual party date of February 4th.

In between tax stuff and party planning, I'm also trying to get back into the diet and exercise mode. So far though I'm not having much luck with it. I have good intentions, just not the motivation or energy. I keep thinking that one day there will be a fairy show up on my doorstep and he/she will just zap this fat away. Oooh, wouldn't that be fabulous? Oh well, I can dream, can't I?

And on that note, I'm going to go. Hubby should be home soon and I haven't even begun to think about what to fix for dinner tonight. YIKES!

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