Monday, January 29, 2007

Cool Avatar website

What is an avatar? Well, they are little cartoons that represent people online. You might use one on your personal webpage, in forums or you might use one on message boards to give people an idea of who you are, what hobbies you like, things like that.

If you like to make avatars, this is the web site for you. shows you the "art" of making avatars or dolls. Visit the Dress Up Games section of their web site to make a personalized doll of your own. It is really easy to use. Just click on the catagories that you would like to use to make your avatar then build your own, personalized one.

They have several different graphics to choose from. You can design either a man or woman, be a blonde, brunette or redhead, be tall or skinny, even pregnant! Dress your avatar in a swim suit for summer fun or in winter gear for a ski trip. Whatever your heart desires. If you can imagine it then you can make it.

Visit their web site and see what they have to offer. You can chat with others on their chat page, read stories and even enter contests with your personalized avatar.

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