Friday, January 12, 2007

Shopping Spree

I finally took some time to shop for some new clothes for myself. I am one that almost always puts my family before myself when it comes to certain things, clothes being one of them. It must be something about becoming a mom that makes that gene appear because I know I never did that before I was married. It was all about me then:) Anyway, I rarely buy clothes for myself because 1)I hate to shop 2)I hate to shop and 3)I hate to shop, but when you can see THROUGH a SWEATSHIRT(!) that means it is too old to wear in public anymore and it is time to shop whether you like it or not. I did good. I found four new shirts that will take me through the winter. I know, I should have probably bought an entire new wardrobe, but hey, this is progress for me. My daughter was even proud of me for picking a few hipper styles so maybe she won't be too embarrassed to be seen in public with me anymore. Yeah, right. My next shopping trip will have to include blue jeans. I am down to just a couple of pair that fit. That trip won't happen for awhile, but when it does I'm sure (insert sarcasm) it will be a LOT of fun!

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