Thursday, December 28, 2006

No Excuses

WOW! Just when I needed it, I run across this fabulous website about weight loss! It is called No Excuses Gym and has articles about everything from weight training to jogging.

The woman who is writing it is a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. She worked for a five star private spa and club in Las Vegas for three years, but then decided to go into business for herself. Her name is Marcela and she is there to help you design your own personal fitness routine and help to set your weight loss goals. Her program will be designed specifically for you and will suit YOUR schedule and YOUR lifestyle.

I've read over her site and there are a lot of very interesting articles on it. She discusses things like portion control, little steps to eating healthier, how to choose what dishes are the most healthy at restaurants and even where the top hotel gyms are located. She also discusses how to do different exercises on her website. I have found those articles the most helpful to myself because that is where I tend to have the most problems when it comes to my doing exercises.

She also has an article called easy simple workout. All of these exercises are done sitting down which is a great way to get started exercising if you're not in the best shape (like myself) and can't do a lot of the more stenuous exercises out there. This is where I'm going to start at least until I build up my stamina again.

So, why not check out her website. There is no time like the present to get started on the new you!

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