Thursday, December 28, 2006

Interesting book

I have been following the war and things that are going on overseas in Iraq. I’ve known a few people that have been deployed over there, friends and family members, and want to keep track of things so I know what is happening. I never liked studying history or wars in school, mainly because they were in the past and had nothing really to do with me (at least that's how my teenage mind saw it), but I do find it more interesting to me now to learn as much as possible about this current war. There is a new website called Iraq Study Group Report. It is offering anything and everything Iraq related. This site is updated regularly with the lastest information in relation to Iraq and the present day war. Their books are priced super low so I'm going to order a hard copy now. They also have the option of downloading an ebook, but really with a cost well under $10 it will pay to get the real thing. They also offer safe and secure ordering and accept all major forms of payment including Amazon gift certificates. Why not go check it out today?

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