Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gift Ideas

So, time is running out fast for getting your holiday shopping done. I've been racking my brain for ideas on gifts for friends and family. I think I've hit every single store within driving distance of my house and no luck on finding anything that works for me. Until now....Delightful Deliveries! They have the biggest selection of gift baskets that I have ever seen! And they're not just for Christmas. They have gift basket ideas for birthdays, new babies, a job well done, to say I love you, to say thank you, housewarmings and get well wishes. Their website is really easy to navigate and they provide excellent service. Plus they are offering this special: Buy More & Save!! Use coupon code "buymore" get save 5% on your order.

You can buy chocolates, fresh flowers, fruits, nuts, baked goods and even gourmet meals. They also offer a gift of the month area where you can sign up to receive anything from bbq sauce to coffee to wine. Their fruit club was voted "Best Overall, Best Value" by the Wall Street Journal 11/30/01!!! Sounds good to me. I'm going to check it out and place my order. Why don't you? Just click on the link below to visit their website. You'll have everyone checked off your list before you know it.

Gift Baskets

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