Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 needs to end already!

Because it is going out on a very sour note. This past week has just been the worst. Thank goodness the entire year hasn't been this way. I think I'd have had to crawl under a rock and never come back out if it had been.

You would think with Christmas being this week that things would be all candy canes and sugar plums, but nope. Not for us. We had to fire one of our employees on Thursday. I think he'd actually been looking to get fired though by the things he'd been doing lately, but it was still hard to let him go. And, of course, now we are short-handed. Not good. Also, Hubby hit one of our customers dogs today so they're upset with us. It was an accident and hubby feels terrible, but when the dog comes out of nowhere and you're driving a truck that is easily over 30 tons, well, it is really hard to avoid it. He immediately got out of the truck after he'd hit the poor dog, but it was too late. That didn't seem to matter to the customer though. She was screaming hysterically and her husband actually took a swing at my hubby because of it. Again, not good. I feel bad for her, but what could hubby do? It's not like he drove by her house looking for the dog to purposely run it over.

My desktop computer also bit the dust earlier today so I'm doomed to use the laptop for awhile. Normally that wouldn't bother me, but all of our business stuff is on the desktop so I can't do anything with that until we get it fixed. I need a new one so will probably go pick one up this evening. At least I saved everything to disk BEFORE it decided to die on me so at least one thing went right.

So, hurry up 2008. Get here soon so I can wipe the slate clean and HOPEFULLY things will start going right again.

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